Welcome to BACK2Bikes

BACK2Bikes is
not-for-profit organisation, helping people in the local community

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Back2Bikes offers bikes for sale, bike servicing and bike maintenance classes

525 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne

Email: mikkel@back2bikes.com.au

Phone: 0416 988 516

Facebook See Facebook for news/photos and Bikes for sale.

We have a backlog of bikes for fixing, so we are looking for volunteers to come and help. We also have plenty of good bikes ready to go!

Bike Servicing and repairs

Maintenance classes

***Now Open 6 days, Monday to Saturday ***

10am to 4pm

We don’t open on public holidays.

Video kindly produced by bicycle sales platform Bike Chaser.

Mural at Back2bikes

Painted by our volunteers and the kids from Port Phillip Specialist School


With our new, larger shed, we are likely the largest bike workshop in Melbourne, with 10 first class work stands and organic parts cleaner. Mark is the workshop manager and will help you buy a buy or get yours serviced.

Same day service option (Booking required)

Courtesy bikes available.
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Learn how to fix your own bike. Bring your own bike and work on it.

(Actually it’s a 6 week course now)

  • 7pm Tuesday, 1st May 2018

Flexible options available – do just one unit, skip one week and make it up on the next course

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B2B Bike on fence This is our new “sign”, perched on the fence to help you find us. While it looks like a good bike, it’s surprisingly heavy, and even though it was made by Kennedy, K-Mart bikes are lighter :)What we do

  • Give bikes to other charities
  • Accept donated bikes and parts
  • Sell cheap bikes
  • Servicing (new and secondhand parts)
  • Sell parts (new and secondhand – good prices)
  • Bike builds
  • Maintenance courses

Maintenance Classes



We have just unpacked 2 new Buddy Bikes. One for a customer, and one for a demonstrator (until we sell it).

The Buddy Bike is a tandem that is ideally suited for an adult and child to ride. Unlike a normal tandem, the child sits up front, and the wraparound bars mean that the adult basically has their arms around the child at all times, and It’s easy to talk while riding.
The Buddy Bike is popular with parents of special needs kids.


The Port Phillip Specialist school in Port Melbourne have a fleet of around 60 bikes, many of which are three wheelers like this one. JCAAA provided funding for us to service them, and we fix up 3 or 4 of them each week.

The kids are very excited about having their bikes ridable again, and give us a hearty welcome when we turn up with the week’s bikes.
They scoot around the school yard at breakneck speeds – I guess the bikes give them the freedom to do that.



Bronwen        Justin

Bronwen having fun at a Monday workshop and Justin is also having fun :)