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Who are we?

Back2Bikes is a social enterprise, providing bicycle training, repair and recycling services for the local community. We are run by volunteers, and are supported by Port Phillip Council. We are filling a need for bike training and recycling where there are currently very few offerings. Bicycle usage is increasing dramatically, more people are using them for daily transport, and the government is spending money on bike infrastructure. Port Phillip’s Department of Sustainable Transport is a strong supporter of Back2Bikes.

Build your bike






Not for Profit

​We are not in competition with local bike shops. We don’t have the full range of parts and service options, and we generally can’t do same day servicing. We don’t sell new bikes, apart from some special needs bikes, which local bike shops don’t usually offer, as they are too low volume for them.

Accept bike donations for recycling


Provide training courses


Provide training for volunteers


Back2Bikes was the proud sponsor of Tour de Cecil! Thank you for joining our celebration of everyday riding on the recently upgraded Cecil Street bike route in South Melbourne. Whether you’re a new or regular rider there was an activity for everyone.

Mike and the team from Back2Bikes provide you the best advice to take care of your bike. If you need help contact us.

“Amazing place with the best environment and a social mission, all a reality thanks to volunteers! Support their growing women’s group!” Ana

10am to 4pm every day
Closed on Sundays
Closed on Public holidays


Phone: 0416 988 516

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