We need donations of any of the following

  • Bikes (whole or complete, preferably the latter and serviceable)

  • Bike Parts (especially lights, tyres, tubes, saddles, wheels)

  • Time (To source bikes, pickup bikes, fix them)

  • Money (Any kind or amount accepted)

Back2Bikes are happy to accept any donated bike delivered to us. Even a cheap bike may yield a bell, saddle and reflectors. We cannot pick up bikes such as Huffy, Dunlop and Kent that are sold in large discount stores. The quality is of a level which makes the bicycle impossible to successfully refurbish.
Our aim is to supply a level of bike to those in need  of a quality equal to that which anyone in the general community would expect.



We love these. The frames were very well made, and while they are a little heavier than modern frames, are very robust, and make a good basis for a practical bike.

They are now fashionable, and it’s getting harder to find them in the hard rubbish, as there is always someone wanting to fix them up.

We can still get parts for them, even down to the 3 speed Sturmey Archer hubs. See the article on Classic bikes


Most of the bikes we receive are mountain bikes, usually with suspension forks and knobbly tyres. These are easy for us to fix, and we often put slick tyres on them to make them more suitable for road use (it makes them a whole lot faster), and the tyres are still fat enough to cope with dirt/gravel tracks.


These are the most sought after format, as they have narrower tyres than a mountain bike, and larger wheels, so they move along very quickly, and have very good brakes. They are a very practical bike, and are well suited to commuting.


We don’t get much in the way of high end road bikes, and pretty much nothing in carbon. These bikes are still too valuable to find their way to us. There are longevity issues with carbon frames – they won’t last like steel or alloy frames.

We do get a few old classic steel framed racers in, and they are easy to restore. Sometimes we convert them to a flat bar road bike (like a hybrid bike), because there is more demand for them.


Fixy bikes have been in fashion, but were designed for track racing and are difficult to convert well to everyday use, although they can be altered to be a single speed bike with rim brakes if time and components allow.


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