Regular check


  • Give the bike a quick look over before you ride

  • Check the brakes

  • Make sure your audible warning device like a bell is working

  • Check tire pressure

  • Make sure the wheels are securely fastened before you ride

  • Make sure the seat post is correct for your height¬† and the seat post bolt is tight


  • Lubricate exposed moving parts of the bike.

  • Lube your front and rear derailleurs, front and rear brakes, brake and gear levers, and chain.


  • Check tyre and valve condition.

  • The wheels should be straight, without dents or damage.

  • Check brake blocks for wear and replace frayed brake cables.

  • Clean chain with a rag soaked in degreaser and re-lube, Clean rear sprockets.

  • Check for looseness in the¬† handlebar and stem.

  • Check your pedals and bottom brackets for excessive wear.