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Build a bike 8 Mar 2018

We have a number of quality steel road bike frames, powder coated in gorgeous colours, some in a beautiful metallic blue, which sparkles blue from one direction, and purple from another. You can bring your own frame if you have one already, or wish to source one.

This activity will go over 3 weeks, in which time you should have the bike assembled and ready to ride.

Before the course starts, we’ll need to work out what running gear will go on the bike, group set, wheels and drop or flat bars. We have some good quality secondhand parts that we have been saving for these builds, or you can source your own.

If you want to build the bike for yourself you can purchase it, or the bike can go to one of our charitable recipients.

The cost will depend on the parts you need. The cost of the frame and the course is $360. If you use our secondhand parts, the total cost should be around $1,000. Some parts such as tyres, brakes, chain etc will be new. If you do not wish to keep the bike, the cost is $240.

  • March 8, 2018
    7:00 pm - 10:00 pm



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