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BACK2Bikes is
not-for-profit organisation, helping people in the local community


Volunteer positions

Most volunteers want to come and work on bikes. We welcome volunteers to the workshop, there are no pre-requisites other than a love of bikes and a willingness to learn. Come along to 525 Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne on a Monday and talk to Mike, Ian or Geoff, or call on 0416 988 516. Please fill in the volunteer form before you come. There are also non-workshop activities that we need help with.



For new volunteers it’s best to come along on a Thursday. we provide a free lunch, and will help you along your bike fixing journey.

If you are working during the week, you can come on Saturdays from 10am – 4pm. You don’t have to come along every week, just when you can, although I suspect you’ll like it a lot, and will want to become a regular.


Workshop Training

The training is very much hands on, we will provide guidance as you need it. Soon you’ll be helping other volunteers with your new knowledge.

We have all the tools you will need (and many you won’t know what to do with). We can advise you on what to buy if you would like to get your own tools.

Please wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, and wear close toed footwear to protect your feet in the event of you dropping something, or accidentally stubbing your toes. Long hair should be tied up for safety, and avoid wearing a tie or anything too loose. The workshop is a smoke free zone.

You’ll be encouraged to refer to internet resources such as www.sheldonbrown.com, and various other internet sites that have tips and suggestions.

If you want to turn “pro”, we’ll send you along to Bicycle Training Australia, for a Cert II or Cert III course, www.bicycletrainingaustralia.com.au, you can do the required practical hours with us.


Other (non-workshop) jobs

We need help with other activities to round out our services to the community. These positions are very rewarding in themselves, as they involve working with the community and helping with our charitable purpose.

We are in the lucky position where the money generated from the workshop can be used to help others. The only pre-requisites for these jobs are a love of bikes and a willingness to help with a good cause.


Buddy Bikes

We sell Buddy Bikes, which are a tandem for special needs kids and adults

We get a few enquiries a year about these bikes. We need help with

  • Following up on these enquiries
  • Contacting organisations (such as specialist schools) to make them aware of the bikes
  • Doing demonstrations to potential customers

We have found that the kids love these bikes, and the smiles on their faces after riding them are priceless. It might put a smile on your face too.



We get regular enquiries from schools, asking for help in a number of areas:

  • Bike maintenance classes for kids
  • Safety classes for kids
  • Bike related projects (eg build-a-bike etc)
  • School fetes

Back2bikes provides free bike servicing for the Port Phillip Specialist School – this is a page from their annual school report where we got a big thank you!



There are many community events in the local area, and we would like to attend more of them. They are a great opportunity to improve our awareness level, attract new volunteers and promote our services. This job will consist of looking for upcoming events, contacting event organisers for a spot, and organising volunteers to help on the day. You won’t need to attend all of the events yourself. We will work with you to provide suitable displays and activities for the the events.

These shots are taken from the Ride2Work Day at St Kilda Town Hall

One of the big events we do attend every year is the Ride 2 Work Day. We provide “Bike Doctor” services for Port Phillip Council at the South Melbourne Market and the St Kilda Town Hall. They put on a great breakfast, and everyone has a lot of fun

If you are interested in any of these positions, please fill in the registration form



Long term volunteers at Back2bikes can enjoy some benefits, such as

  • Use of tools to fix your own bike (strictly at the workshop, we do not loan tools out)
  • Advice on bike purchases/bike fitting/suitability of parts
  • Instruction on the job, free attendance at 6 week training course
  • Wholesale prices on tools and new parts
  • Discounts on secondhand parts and bikes

At the South Melbourne Market


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