Volunteering @ back2bikes

You may volunteer at Back2Bikes any day of the week. The procedure is as follows.. First make sure you have the Services Victoria App on your phone. We require this in order to verify that you are vaccinated and cannot allow unvaccinated persons to enter the workshop. If you do not have a smart phone please call the workshop to discuss alternative proof of vaccination.

We recommend you call the workshop before you come in to discuss your  volunteering role as we can only induct 2 people per day If those spots are filled we would then recommend you come on the following week or on a different day of the week.

You are also welcome to come in for a chat with our workshop managers any day before volunteering.

If you are volunteering in a non administrative role such as a trainee mechanic or greeter you need to come in at 10.30 on the first day and stay a full day. We then would prefer that you come in at least 4 times over the next 5 weeks to allow you to learn the basics. After the initial phase the time and frequency of volunteering is very much up to you.

We provide a free lunch for volunteers every day, it’s a good chance to chat to the other volunteers as well as get some tasty food. If you want to help out with the lunch you are more than welcome to help us with different lunch ideas.

If you are working during the week, you can come on Saturdays or Sundays from 10am – 4pm. You don’t have to come along every week, just when you can, although we suspect you’ll like it a lot, and will want to become a regular


 Sunday Volunteering Sessions

From Sunday 6th  February 2022 Back2Bikes will be open on Sundays for volunteering.  (We will remain closed to the general public on Sundays.)

Volunteers will be refurbishing bikes for people in need. The finished bikes will be given to asylum seekers and others in the community who otherwise could not afford a bike.  The sessions are in response to formal requests from various social welfare organisations.

We are keen for new people to join and help with this upcoming  low stress Sunday Session. This would be a great time to attend for volunteers who might not be able to give their time during the week. Give Geoff a call on 0419 345 440 to discuss Sunday Volunteering.

Workshop Training

The training is very much hands on, we will provide guidance as you need it. Soon you’ll be helping other volunteers with your new knowledge.

We have all the tools you will need (and many you won’t know what to do with). We can advise you on what to buy if you would like to get your own tools.

Please wear clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, and wear close toed footwear to protect your feet in the event of you dropping something, or accidentally stubbing your toes.

Long hair should be tied up for safety, and avoid wearing a tie or anything too loose. The workshop is a smoke free zone.

You’ll be encouraged to refer to internet resources such as  www.sheldonbrown.com, Park Tool Videosand various other internet sites  that have tips and suggestions.

For more Information

For all queries regarding volunteering, case workers and general enquires please click here

or call 0416 988 516